A History of Monetary Unions

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The editors of this book have pulled together a collection of chapters that review the spate of financial crises that have occurred in recent years starting with Mexico in 1994 and moving on to more recent crises in Turkey and Argentina. With impressive contributors such as Douglas Gale, Gabriel Palma and Andrew Gamble, the book is a timely and authoritative study. Global Governance and Financial Crises provides a new understanding of this important area with a combination of economic history and political economy as well as the most recent developments in analytical economic theory. Students, researchers and policy makers would do well to read it and learn some important lessons for the future.

Author(s) Book :John F Chown
Publish Year :2003 Publisher : Routledge
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 041527737X/9780415277372
Pages :384

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