Aspects of Roman History AD 14117

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Aspects of Roman History AD14–117 charts the history of the Roman Imperial period, from the establishment of the Augustan principate to the reign of Trajan, providing a basic chronological framework of the main events and introductory outlines of the major issues of the period. The first half of the book outlines the linear development of the Roman Empire, emperor by emperor, accenting the military and political events. The second half of the book concentrates on important themes which apply to the period as a whole, such as the religious, economic and social functioning of the Roman Empire.It includes:

a discussion of the primary sources of Roman Imperial history clearly laid out chapters on different themes of the Roman Empire such as patronage, religion, the role of the senate, the army and the position of women and slaves designed for easy cross-referencing with the chronological outline of events maps and illustrations a guide to further reading.

Richard Alston's highly accessible book is designed specifically for students with little previous experience of studying ancient/Roman history. Aspects of Roman History provides an invaluable introduction to Roman Imperial history, which will allow students to gain an overview of the period and will be an indispensable aid to note-taking, essay preparation and examination revision.

Author(s) Book :Richard Alston
Publish Year :1998 Publisher : Routledge
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 0415132363/9780415132367
Pages :285

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