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-The word is out: with "Ruby on Rails" you can build powerful Web applications easily and quickly! And just like the Rails framework itself, Rails applications are Ruby programs. That means you can't tap into the full power of Rails unless you master the Ruby language.

"Ruby for Rails," written by Ruby expert David Black (with a forward by David Heinemeier Hansson), helps Rails developers achieve Ruby mastery. Each chapter deepens your Ruby knowledge and shows you how it connects to Rails. You'll gain confidence working with objects and classes and learn how to leverage Ruby's elegant, expressive syntax for Rails application power. And you'll become a better Rails developer through a deep understanding of the design of Rails itself and how to take advantage of it.

Newcomers to Ruby will find a Rails-oriented Ruby introduction that's easy to read and that includes dynamic programming techniques, an exploration of Ruby objects, classes, and data structures, and many neat examples of Ruby and Rails code in action. "Ruby for Rails": the Ruby guide for Rails developers!

What's Inside Classes, modules, and objects Collection handling and filtering String and regular expression manipulation Exploration of the Rails source code Ruby dynamics Many more programming concepts and techniques!

About the Author

David A. Black is a Senior Developer at Cyrus Innovation, Inc., and the director of Ruby Power and Light, LLC. He has been programming in Ruby since 2000, and is also a director of Ruby Central, Inc., the parent organization of the International Ruby Conference (RubyConf).

Author(s) Book :Dave Crane
Publish Year :2005 Publisher : Manning Publications
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 1932394699/
Pages :170

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