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"M.D. Baer's writing genius lies in his heady mixture of slick contemporary characters with the artistic complexity of a James Joyce and the tight plot and droll humor of the best Raymond Chandler pulp. The most minor character comes to life."Lone Star Internet Culture Cafe.

Trent Noble's life is going nowhere fast. His once promising acting career has given way to a downward spiral of lowlife telemarketing jobs. On the brink of a promotion to head Telemarketer, his conscience overloads, and one morning and he passes the exit to his job and keeps on going.

That's when he finds himself in Dadaville, an eccentric postmodern utopia not marked on any map. In Dadaville, the characters are as kookie as they are decent, and their culture of controlled creative chaos is balanced by a negligible crime rate.

Trent feels right at homebut there is trouble in paradise, and the girl of his dreams is right in the middle of it. Can Trent save his girl and his town from the stranglehold of the sinister World Corp, whose logo is a globe pierced by a screw?

Author(s) Book :M. D. Baer
Publish Year :1970 Publisher :
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