Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry

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In recent years, interest in the preparation and characterization of nanostructured materials has grown due to their distinctive properties and potential technological applications. Nanoscale materials represent a new realm of matter and offer widespread possibilities for contributions to science and technology. Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry explores the vast potential of nanomaterials and serves as essential reading for the entire science community. The extensive coverage of Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry presents a thorough introduction to the field of nanostructured materials, including chemical synthesis methods, bonding theories, and applications. Because nanomaterials are finding more applications in the real world, this text contains up-to-date treatment of such topics as: Metals, semiconductor nanocrystals, and ceramics Double layers, optical properties, and the electrochemistry of metal nanoparticles Chemical and catalytic aspects of nanocrystals Specific heats and melting points of nanocrystalline materials

Authored by world-renowned experts in the field of nanotechnology, Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry is suitable as a primary text for graduate courses and is a reliable resource for scientists.

Author(s) Book :Kenneth J. Klabunde
Publish Year :2001 Publisher : Wiley-Interscience
You can check by ISBN10/ISBN13 : 0471383953/9780471383956
Pages :292

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